We will be adding to the list of available session here once the venues open, are Covid-19 Safe and meet our criteria for hire. Whilst many halls and venues may be open, we will only hire with the venues that allow us to offer these sessions in a safe enviroment.

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To book onto these sessions please use the button above. 

There are the guidelines and procedures we have in place for your safety whilst in the venue. Details will be sent prior to your arrival on your chosen date

Please do not attend if you or anyone in the booking has symptoms regarding Coronavirus. The latest guidance can be found HERE

Should you/someone, develop symptoms after you have made the booking, please let us know and we will issue a full refund. 

Bookings are for your group of 6 people. This is both adults and children. Our zones can have 12 users (children/adults) and the relevant ticket option must be purchased. We reserve the right to refuse entry to a group of 6 people booked on a standard ticket. Whilst we are present at the sessions, adult supervision of the zone is required for the duration of play. All details can be found in the booking section.

The equipment provided will be cleaned and sanitised prior to you attending with time allowed at the end of each play session. 

Ball pools or other high risk (hard to clean) items will not be present.

We will have an inflatables at all sessions so even the older children in your family are catered for. Where applicable you can choose which inflatable to book (Risby Village Hall only at present).

Chairs and tables are provided, which will be laid out in accordance with the current guidance on social distancing where applicable. Please drink your own refreshments if you wish as we are unable to offer drinks/snacks at this time.

Hand sanitiser is available at all sessions and we politely ask for it to be used upon entry. Face masks do not need to be warn when using the play equipment or when eating/drinking. We politely ask that anyone over the age of 11 wears one when moving around the facility at other times.